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Numbers (Truth for Today Commentary) [Hardcover] by Coy D. Roper, PH.D.

Numbers (Truth for Today Commentary) [Hardcover] by Coy D. Roper, PH.D.

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Like the Israelites of old, Christians are traveling through life dealing with daily struggles and longing to reach the Promised Land. The Book of Numbers chronicles Israel's ancient journey, offering divine insight into the problems caused, by their disobedience, weak faith, and discontent. Coy Roper analyzes what the text says and what it meant to the first readers, and then takes the next step of applying the lessons to readers today who want to live for God and spend eternity with Him in heaven. For those who preach and teach, the applications contain a variety of illustrations, sermon ideas, and sermonettes, as well as full-length sermons that survey the book.

"My hope and prayer is that this commentary will enable someone to understand the Book of Numbers better and will inspire him or her to serve God more faithfully. Whatever good comes from this book, may God get the glory!"
Coy D. Roper

"An easy-to-read commentary that applies the truth of the Scriptures to everyone's life."

The Truth for Today Commentary series is being written in an effort to complete a commentary on every book in the Bible. This series is being written by Bible professors and preachers of the churches of Christ, congregations dedicated to being the church that Jesus built. Using the NASB 1995 updated edition, each volume provides remarks on virtually every verse, and each chapter ends with an application section Which offers suggestions for developing sermons and Bible classes.


  • Hardcover: 572 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0983709823
  • ISBN-13: 9780983709824
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