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Principles of Bible Interpretation [Paperback] by Alexander Campbell

Principles of Bible Interpretation [Paperback] by Alexander Campbell

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Tired of new creeds and parties in religion, and of the numerous abortive efforts to reform the reformation; convinced from the Holy Scriptures, from observation and experience that the union of the disciples of Christ is essential to the conversion of the world, and began to reflect upon the ways and means to restore primitive christianity.

The Bible alone is the Bible only, in word and deed, in profession and practice; and this alone can reform the world and save the church. The object of this volume is to place before the community in a plain, definite, and perspicuous style, the capital principles which have been elicited, argued out, developed, and sustained in a controversy of twenty-five years, by the tongues and pens of those who rallied under the banners of the Bible alone.



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