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Revelation 1-11 [Hardcover] by David L Roper

Revelation 1-11 [Hardcover] by David L Roper

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The Book of Revelation, with its vivid imagery and highly figurative symbolism, presents an interpretive challenge to the finest Christian scholars. However, David Roper provides one of the most helpful and easy-to-understand studies of this book in his two-volume set on Revelation. In this volume, he covers chapters 1 through 11 in a thrilling study that leads the reader to rejoice over the victory in Christ.

Roper begins with an excellent introduction which explains background issues, various methods of interpretation, and symbolism. In his comments, he challenges the reader to reflect on the historical circumstances of persecuted Christians in the first century, emphasizing the spiritual encouragement they would have received from the book. Roper also confronts some of the wild speculation that surrounds Revelation today.

"An easy-to-read commentary that applies the truth of the Scriptures to everyone's life."

The Truth for Today Commentary series is being written in an effort to complete a commentary on every book in the Bible. This series is being written by Bible professors and preachers of the churches of Christ, congregations dedicated to being the church that Jesus built. Using the NASB 1995 updated edition, each volume provides remarks on virtually every verse, and each chapter ends with an application section Which offers suggestions for developing sermons and Bible classes.


  • Hardcover: 550 pages
  • ISBN-10: 094544138X
  • ISBN-13: 9780945441380
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